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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beck Hails Cartman, Jon Stewart Impressions

Glenn took time out to praise (did he have any choice?) the recent parodies starring him on South Park and The Daily Show. Here is link to that, plus part of the Cartman classic below.


Ms Anony said...

Remember the very short-lived half hour show called D.C. FOLLIES with fantastic satire and witty repartee? The scenario for each show was always the same bar in Wash D.C., and the only straight man was a bartender (an actor) who had conversations with all his customers - muppets like Dolly Parton, ex Presidents, Rambo, Scooter Libby, etc. That TV show was so brutally hysterically funny while 100% truthful, Washington, D.C. could not stand it - so had it taken off the air! Colbert with his "spin" on things might bring about a revival of a TV political satire show using puppets; why let kids have all the fun?

Ms Anony said...

Oops! My post comment below was to go with the Kermit/Colbert video (not Cartman does Glenn Beck).